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Sourcing & Procurement

Assist licensed retailers and dispensaries in sourcing and procuring a wide range of cannabis products from growers, manufacturers, and other suppliers.


Competitive Pricing

Lightship strives to offer competitive pricing for their products, benefiting both retailers and consumers. Their expertise in the industry enables them to negotiate competitive deals with suppliers and offer various pricing options.


Industry Insights

Lightship remains up-to-date with the latest industry trends, regulatory changes, and market dynamics. They often share valuable insights and market intelligence with their retail partners, helping them make informed business decisions.


Product Distribution

Comprehensive distribution services, ensuring the timely delivery and transportation of cannabis products from the wholesale company to retail locations across the state.


Inventory Management

Assist retailers with inventory management, ensuring they have an adequate supply of products to meet customer demand. This may involve inventory tracking, forecasting, and helping retailers optimize their product mix to maximize sales.

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